When entering law school, most students are surprised when they are told that they need to learn how to read and write “in law”.  The reason for this is that we use different language and structures when writing legal materials.  This website is designed to assist the learning process in the context of reading and writing in law in Ireland.

This website is an online resource which instructs students of law in the arts of legal writing and research, and is designed to work in conjunction with a textbook published by Round Hall. The site was developed, and the book was written, by four lecturers in law, Rónán Kennedy (NUI Galway), Elaine Fahey (DIT), Jennifer Schweppe (UL) and Larry Donnelly (NUI Galway), with the aim of having Irish-based and Ireland-focused resources for teaching legal writing and legal research. The book is available from your campus bookshop, on www.amazon.co.uk or directly from the publishers, Thomson Round Hall.

The website contains assignments which assist the teaching and learning of legal writing and legal research.  These assignments are easily accessible, student-friendly assessment exercises, which aim to aid the student in the learning process. The assignments follow the learning experience set out in the textbook, and so are numbered by reference to sections in the book. They can, however, be attempted without reference to the textbook, to revise and check your knowledge on legal writing issues. If you have been directed here by your module coordinator, please follow their instructions in completing the assignments on the website.

This resource is an ongoing project for us, and we appreciate feedback from course coordinators, module leaders and students. If you wish to learn more about the course, register for the modules, give us feedback or use this resource for your students, please contact us at <http://www.privatedaddy.com?q=bkd4bmJCeVx9ABZ2VXxQMxt6GlBeQlJCaw-3D-3D_19>.

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